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Mugi Daeryun/Kumdo (Weapon Fighting)

Kumdo action shotKumdo translates to the Way of the Sword. In ancient times, knowing how to use the sword meant life or death. One had to find a way to practice without being maimed or killed in the process. The Kumdo armor was developed and the metal sword was replaced with a flexible bamboo sword. Today, Kumdo or Kendo (in Japanese) is enjoyed all over the world. We have adopted it into our HRD curriculum as a means to practice weapon fighting. Although, our tactics and techniques are similar to traditional Kumdo, it is still unique as we incorporate other weapons like the staff, the medium sized bamboo sword, double bamboo swords, in both linear and circular attacks.

Why Should I Do Mugi Daeryun?

One cannot be a complete HRD student without a good knowledge of weaponry and the Mugi Daeryun class is the best way to accomplish this without the risk of injury.

What do I Need?

To begin, you will simply need the Jukdo, but will need to acquire a uniform shortly thereafter. Finally, when you are ready, you will need to acquire armor. Talk with your instructor about ordering this equipment.

Kumdo at the ocean

Schedule for Mugi Daeryun

Please see our Academy West schedule for West class times.

Please see our Academy East schedule for East class times.