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Mailing list:

You can subscribe to the Hwa Rang Do® Madison e-mailing list by filling out this form. Mailings will be sent out whenever there is a need as decided upon by an Instructor. This is an announcement only mailing list and it is highly recommended that all Madison area students subscribe.

Mailing List for Madison East (bottom of page)

Mailing List for Madison West (bottom of page)


Teuk Gong Team

"Teuk Gong" means special forces in Korean. The Teuk Gong Team (or TGT) members are the assistant instructors to the Black Sashes. A TGT member is chosen to be a role model to his or her "junbae" or lower ranked brothers and sisters. TGT members must exemplify the utmost commitment and dedication both inside and outside of the dojang with the Meng Sae constantly serving as their guide. To be selected for the TGT team the student must have attained at least the rank of green belt and be a BBC member committed to attaining their Tae Soo Do® black belt. The Teuk Gong Team members are the warriors elite of Tae Soo Do® and wear a special uniform with their name embroidered on the lapel.

School closings:

Whenever possible, we will try to post school closing on the news section of the website. However, when closings are due to inclement weather, this may not always be possible in a timely manner. We have adopted a policy of closings as follows: When ever Madison area shopping malls close due to inclement weather, we will also be closed. You can find out about Mall closing from the radio or television news.

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