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We are proud to have some of the finest instructors in the Midwest. Each of the Hwa Rang Do® black sashes have been promoted and certified directly by our Founder, Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee.

Master Instructor

Kwan Jang Nim David Kijek


Black Sash:

Black Belt:

Teuk Gong Team

"Teuk Gong" means special forces in Korean. The Teuk Gong Team (or TGT) members are the assistant instructors to the Black Sashes. A TGT member is chosen to be a role model to his or her "junbae" or lower ranked brothers and sisters. TGT members must exemplify the utmost commitment and dedication both inside and outside of the dojang with the Meng Sae constantly serving as their guide. To be selected for the TGT team the student must have attained at least the rank of green belt and be a BBC member committed to attaining their Tae Soo Do® black belt (or have since achieved a TSD black belt). The Teuk Gong Team members are the warriors elite of Tae Soo Do® and wear a special uniform with their name embroidered on the lapel.

Black Sash and Black Belts