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The Art

History of the art

Korean warriors Hwa Rang Do® - "The Way of The Flowering Knights"

Hwa Rang Do® is an 1800 year old Korean Martial and Healing Arts system. Its theory is based on the Um-Yang principle which states that all things in nature possess equal opposites and the state of balance of these opposing forces creates harmony in one's life.

During the ancient times in the kingdom of Shilla, an elite group of young males were selected from noble families and were taught literature, dance, poetry, horsemanship, philosophy, science, and the art of war. They were known as the "Hwa Rang" the Flowering Knights, and due to their physical and mental strengths, these Hwa Rang warriors lead their kingdom in the unification of the Korean peninsula for the first time.

This system has been passed down to modern times, and in 1960 Dr. Joo Bang Lee brought this system back to the public when he began teaching in Seoul, Korea. Since then, Hwa Rang Do® has spread throughout the world, while keeping a firm hold on its tradition.

For more detailed history, you can visit the the national Hwa Rang Do® web site's history page.

Hwa Rang Do®

Hwa Rang Do® is the most comprehensive system of self-defense and combative techniques in the World. This system has been developed in accordance to the ancient principles of Um-Yang, which emphasizes balance in life and harmony with others and nature.

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Tae Soo Do®

Tae Soo Do® was developed for the beginner martial artist, both children and adults. It is our Undergraduate Program, and is the prerequisite to the Graduate level of the Hwa Rang Do® Program. Tae Soo Do® focuses on the fundamentals, basic concepts, and mechanics underlying the physical realm of training, while also developing a greater understanding of the philosophies inherent in the practice of a martial art.

While it is also considered the sport version of Hwa Rang Do®, the Tae Soo Do® program is a fantastic form of recreation for betterment of mind and body as one begins the martial art journey.

The Curriculum:

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